LMC FESTIVAL 2008 to promote Lancaster & Morecambe College.
I was asked to perform for the crowds at the College and on a stunning sunny day,
I had a permanent crowd in the marquee all day,
I closed the event with my famous table levitation,
assisted by music from Radio 1 DJ Gregg James.
Closing the Festival with a table levitation

"How the hell did you do that? I was hold of it"
....stunned audience member. (left)

Just getting warmed up, a chosen card changes in a ball of flames.
Find the coin. A hustle, a con? or magic?
either way - A great laugh!
The magic marquee on the left, with people standing outside looking in.
It got to 4 deep at one point. Event organiser Adelle said that she tried several times to take photos but couldn't get near us for crowds.
Entertaining close up in out Marquee
"A brilliant Magician..Mind blowing"
Gregg James on Radio 1 right
(with DJ Liam kennedy Left)
College Principal & Management Look on in amazement.





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