Magical Friends and Famous Celebs.
The people I meet on my travels in Magic.

Myself & Dynamo

iPhone selfie' taken by Dynamo
of the pair of us.

Blackpool 2014


Myself & David Blaine Blackpool, he's not "quite" as weird as people think.

Considered by many to be the creator of Street Magic, taking away the old image of the top hat and bow tie and going out onto the urban streets with in your face magic. He's defiantly taken Magic into the 21st century and I applaud that.

The Magic Castle Hollywood. A fantastic place, The real Hogwarts. Hollywood HQ for the worlds greatest Magicians. Sadly No photos allowed inside. Diane and I had lunch with Penn & Tellar and also a chat with David Copperfield.


The greatest Magician in the World.

Only in Hollywood, can you bump into People like David Copperfield. on a street corner. Just off Hollywood Boulevard. 2013 David Was quite charming, signing a few things for me and posing for photos. He later popped into the Magic Castle and said hi, whilst we where having lunch.

David Copperfield.
off Hollywood Boulevard 2013
Copperfeild 2

Penn Gillette (Penn & Tellar)

After a ceremony on Hollywood boulevard to receive a star on the walk of fame. Penn & Teller went to the Magic castle for a private lunch party. Thanks to a few Masonic handshakes and phone-calls. Diane and I where invited. ; )




I am 6 feet tall.
Penn is an absolute giant of a man.

Both true gents and happy to pose for photos. Particularly Tellar (who can actually speak)




on TV he looks small next to Penn, but even Tellar is taller then me (over six feet tall)


Paul Daniels
Paul may be looking older now, but the very lovely Debbie McGee is still as lovely as ever.

Morecambe 2013
Paul Daniels

Alan Carr (with Diane)

I later had a drink with Alan at the bar and a chat. He really is as lovely as you think he is.

Blackpool Magic Convention
Winter Gardens

Justin Lee Collins (with Diane)

Having recently been trained as a magician for a TV show, JLC was keen to visit the convention.

Blackpool Magic Convention
Winter Gardens

John Thompson

Diane (and I) Watching the evening show, joined by Actor John Thompson
from the Fast Show, Cold Feet and Coronation street.

Blackpool Opera House
(Magic convention)

Mega illusionist Franz Harary.
Stage Magician for Michael Jackson
and famous for vanishing the space shuttle. (and Blackpool Tower)

Jay Sankey. from Canada one of the most prolific magical innovators of our time.
I use many of Jay's effects.

If you've ever seen me set fire to a deck of cards with a 10p coin.

-This is the guy who devised that.

Jay Sankey
A rare opportunity of a lifetime to be a student of the famous
Magic & Mystery School of Jeff McBride 2009
A multi award winning Las Vegas Magician
& world famous teacher of magic.
Posing at the Magic School with Jeff McBride
Magic School Blackpool 2009

Chilling in the hotel with the wonderful Eugene Burger (center)
and Gothic Illusionist Rafael (right)

Feb. 2009 Blackpool

Eugene Burger & Jeff McBride
taking a break from shows
Blackpool 2009
Evening dinner, Hanging out with
Jeff McBride
and learning a few pointers on card manipulation. from the best in the world. Blackpool 2009

Jeff Mc Bride and I at a previous private lecture
Manchester Circle of Magicians 2008
Annual friend and new age magician
Marcel Marvel from Vienna Feb. 09

James Randi

An extreme honor. The great James Randi.
I attended his talk which closed to a 1,000 + standing ovation. Feb. 09

In the magic world, almost a religious icon.

Ali Bongo

Evening supper with the great Ali Bingo and associates from the Manchester Circle of Magicians. Ali even gave us a private master class and reminisced about working with Paul Daniel's and David Nixon - back in the 1950's

I am privileged to say that I knew this great man. He always had time for the little guys like me and deliberately sat with us each year. Without Ali, there would have been no magic on TV for past 50 years.

Dr. Gore

Supper with controversial start of Britain's got talent. Horror illusionist Dr. Gore. Feb. 09

We shared many interesting tales of our experiences with Simon Cowell.


Las Vegas Star, German born illusionist Dirk Losander.
Master of the art of levitation.
inventor of the famous flying table illusion I own.

Max Magic

TV magician Max Somerset
Star of Max Magic and many children's magic TV shows..

Jim Pace

Got a light? Magician and inventor Jim Pace, shows me his latest creation
Apart from being a superb Close up magician,
Jim has invented several Pyrotechnic Special Effects, Used by myself.

Whilst filming for ITV1 and ITV2 in Jan 2008 I met and filmed with Stephen Mulhern, and Ant & Dec. I even survived meeting Simon Cowell.-just. Unfortunately as we where all busy working, it wasn't possible to get autographs or photos. But I do get so many people coming up to me (even now) saying "Aren't you that bloke of Britain's Got Talent?" Well, I'm not too sure what went out on air, but either way I accept responsibility. Did you see me? Please, let me know what you saw.


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