Close up magic.
Bending your mind (and your forks)

The best magic is the stuff that happens right under your nose. But simply finding a chosen card has evolved a little. For example here is one of my favorites at the moment.

A card is chosen from the deck by the spectator, who has a free choice. The cards are shown to be all different. The chosen card may be fully examined, and is signed with a permanent marker. It is then shuffled into the deck and lost. A borrowed coin from the spectator is signed with the marker. This is before even handing it to me. The coin is wrapped in paper and placed on top of the deck. The deck is then set alight. The coin burns a hole though the deck, destroying half of the cards. All the cards can be fully examined, revealing that the signed coin has burnt its way down to the signed card in the deck.

remember, the coin is borrowed and signed.The card is freely chosen and signed. All cards and coin are fully examinable. Everything happens in front of your eyes in in your hands, surrounded, with no switches, curtains or cover ups. I do it all bare handed and with my sleeves rolled up.

In other effects, cards melt though each other, and even change color in your own hands - not mine.

Similarly, borrowed coins can be made to penetrate tables, glasses, and into sealed bottles. Coins can be vanished bare handed at my fingertips, fully surrounded.

Most of my tricks involve items that are borrowed or items that are signed. There are no big boxes or cover ups. This is true magic, bare handed, close up, and surrounded - right in front of your face. Nothing is covered up and no camera tricks.

I was recently challenged by a landlady to bend her fork on stage in front of the whole club. I did, to loud applause. I even repeated it at the bar with a signed fork.

I've had people laugh, smile, gasp and even (on several occasions) ....scream.


I can be formally dressed in dinner jacket and bow tie,

Casual smart, with black suit and open collar shirt.

or my full soctume as a victorian gent with frock coat and top hat, for a very unique and quite Gothic look.




Get forked
A signed fork is returned to the spectator twisted, in front of his eyes.
on stage
Challenged on stage by the landlady to bend one of "her" forks
from the kitchen. I did ! - to applause from the whole club.
bending forks
Bending the clubs forks at the bar to amazed onlookers.



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