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After Appearing on Granada TV in 2007 and in the local newspapers. I was contacted by researchers for Thames TV. They invited me to audition for Britain 's Got Talent 2008. At the auditions I was also filmed several times for the commercials. Having successfully won in the initial auditions, I won the opportunity to perform on stage at the Palace Theatre Manchester, in front of 2,000 people and filmed (again) for Britain's Got Talent. I have been interviewed and filmed around ten times now, for BGT 08 along with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan, and of course Ant & Dec, and also with Steve Mulhern for Britain's got more talent.

Simon buzzed near the end of the act,
he then tapped Amanda on the shoulder, who then buzzed.
Pierce didn't buzz me at all, so I got to complete my whole act.
The audience gave a great applause, I even clapped them back.
Simon said "not bad" and asked about my costume.
Amanda said she couldn't see the point,
and proceeded to have an argument with Piers about how the illusion was done.
(somewhat annoying the audience who had been sat there 9 hours at this point!)
Piers said I was "absolutely barking","brilliantly bizarre" "I love it"

Despite being filmed so many times, I didn't see much of myself on TV, only a few seconds.
However I have had around 40 people (and counting) come up to me in the street.
So perhaps I was on more and i missed it.

Well done to Liam & Danny
who where in the initial auditions with me.
(Team Strike) The martial arts guys.

I was asked the following year to appear on the show but I declined the invitation.




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