Photos 3 ITV, Granada Reports, "Tour of Talent" 2007, on stage, Morecambe Promenade,
levitating a table before 1,000 people.
Also featured in the local newspaper as
"the most bizarre act of the day"
My levitating table. I walk onto the stage and place down a small wooden table, cover it with a tablecloth and place a small box on the top. Whilst i hold the corners of the cloth, the table levitates and flies around me in all directions.
Steady !
Flying the table over the cameraman's head.
The tablecloth is lifted from all sides to show under the table, whilst it is levitating in the air.
Pity I cant levitate my hair !

Note my left hand is not even on the cloth, I am brushing back my hair!.

Part way through the act, I let go of the tablecloth
and open the box on the table. to reveal a small rabbit. I can also do this with business cards or sweets for a child assistant.

Finally the table comes to rest and Ii remove the box and finally the tablecloth, lifting up the table for the audience to see underneath and around it.. Note that this illusion was performed outdoors, on stage, fully surrounded, and with people behind me. Everyone asked me how i did it!.

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

My levitating table, on stage at a Wigan club,
with a young volunteer assistant.


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