Photos 2 - Bombay Brasserie, Birthday Party.

Playing Russian roulette, with a 4" steel spike.

4 wooden bases, 4 paper bags and one sharp spike. The spike is placed onto any base and all are covered by paper bags. They are then moved & mixed by the spectator. Placing the spike in any position, under any bag, and on any base. All this whilst I am in another room.

As you can see, this gripping stunt catches the attention of the whole restaurant.

This is dangerous, as you can see from the spectators hand,
here's one I prepared earlier.
on returning to the room, I ask the spectator where the spike is, but she must always lie. I will try to read the spectators body language to decide if they really are lying or not. One by one I smash my hand down onto each paper bag until finally revealing the last bag covering the spike. A highly exciting and gripping stunt. Hopefully I wont end up like the spectator.
Damn, that curry was hot !
stabbing a steel pen through a borrowed £20 note.

close up magic - It doesn't get much closer than this.


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